Daily Archives: 02/06/2011

Aesthetic transformations

The more I get involved in the arts, the more fascinated I get by artists’ creative processes.

It is not rare that a piece of work will gain enormous inspirational value for me once I discover how it was conceived and then executed.

That is how I came to appreciate Mary Henderson‘s paintings a great deal more.

Crossing the thin line between hyperrealistic painting and photography, her images are selected using real pictures from personal pages on the internet which are then refrozen into something artistically more significant.

In her own words:

In translating an image from snapshot to painting, I can explore the ways that visual content is changed when it is moved from the medium of casual photography – a form associated with impermanence and reduced aesthetic demands – to the realm of figurative art, which bears the burden of aspirations to permanence and high aesthetics. By cropping, editing out or compositing information – and through the more tactile, physical manipulations of color and surface that allows – the emphasis of the image is shifted to pieces of information that may have been peripheral in the original picture.

Which raises the question: do snapshots of oneself really convey permanence of the chosen moment?

Discuss amongst yourselves.