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The magnificent trailer of the new film by l’enfant prodige Xavier Dolan, Laurence Anyways:

[Elle nous a raconté très rapidement, une histoire d’amour qu’elle avait eue]: “Un jour j’étais au restaurant avec mon copain et il m’a dit qu’il voulait… qu’il allait devenir une femme”. Voilà un repas qui ne se passe pas comme prévu.

– Xavier Dolan

Maturing ideas

The rise of teenage power of influence  has drawn my attention for quite some time now. Art after art, young people under the age of twenty have been conquering new territories and making waves as well as their voices heard in the past few years. Their ideas and views of the world, albeit undoubtedly fresh, have yet to prove their force. Do they really deserve so much interest?

If they are like 20-year-old Xavier Nolan‘s I Killed My Mother film, the answer is a resounding yes.

Written at the age of 16, the script is a painstakingly rich depiction of a young man’s suffocating relationship with a confused single mother. Xavier is not only the brilliant writer but also the outstanding actor and promising director of this truly emotional story.

The 2009 much awarded film was followed by another tale of dangerously close relationships, this year’s Les amours imaginaires (Heartbeats):

Nolan’s films achieve the unexpected success of portraying the unclear depth of youth in a sophisticated yet simple way.

But do all manifestations of adolescence deserve equal credit?

Well, much like teenagers’ own lives, the final answer as to whether the attention is indeed generally merited is a very decided maybe.