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On the rise of Brazil

It is quite interesting to see the amount of attention Brazil is getting from the foreign press these days. For decades, the only thing that was available for readers around the globe were news pieces about either carnaval/soccer extravaganzas or poverty-connected events. It was one cliché after the other. Then came the internet. Then came easier and cheaper traveling opportunities. And most importantly, then came economic progress and the discovery of unimaginably immense oil reserves off the coast of Brazil.

Let us not be naive and think that all this interest sprang from a sudden curiosity about Brazilian cultural life. It has been the same or maybe even more original since way before President Lula‘s shiny leadership. Of course this is a special time and we should be opmistic about it. People’s lives are improving, from the poorest of the poor to the richest of the rich – things are better. I’m actually quite glad to notice that this is a good time for the country to grow. Why? Nowadays development plans are carried out in a  much more conscious way than ever before. Europeans often criticize Brazil and other countries for their growing strategies but let us not forget than the whole of Europe  (or parts of the US or Japan for that matter) was once covered by forestland. What is left of it? Virtually nothing. Positive criticism is always welcome, but let us do it without cynicism – it’s better taken.

Times are changing and I’m part of it. When I come to think about, I wonder if maybe just 15 years ago my voice would have been heard.

Let the many faces of Brazil finally be seen.

One of the many faces of Brazil