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Like Art at Home

When creativity meets attitude the world is almost always certain to change. Three years ago, artist friends Angelina Camelo and Clara Valente were looking for a place to work in Belo Horizonte.

They were able to find a nice little shop close to the cultural center of the city in the lovely Savassi area but when they saw it they soon felt like the room was meant for a different purpose: housing an art gallery.

So Minigaleria was born. A small gallery showing one artist at a time, this wonderfully refreshing art space has been home to several international and local artist exhibitions.

Focusing on one artist at time, works by the likes of Fefe Talavera and Stephan Doitschinoff have been shown on Minigaleria’s walls.

Having just reopened, the gallery has had a major impact in the city’s cultural life. Fostering and nurturing young artists from all over, it has become a space where you can enjoy an art piece almost as if you were at home.

Friend and artist Patrícia Caetano works at Mini

Good ideas deserve to be shared.

To have me

Illustrations always have a way to my heart. I appreciate their simplicity as a refined tool for their straight-forwardness.

If done using fine lines and a touch of color, they really have me.

Talking about illustrators who speak to my heart, it is impossible not to mention Patricia Caetano, another Belo Horizonte-based talent.

A tribute to luxurious drawings

With a taste for girlie things from a mature point of view, Patricia knows how to use lines and paper in favor of a happier and funnier existence.