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Marginal, central

Kuduro is a type of music and dance from Angola.

Titica is a transexual kuduro performer who’s won support through her career.

M.I.A. has defined the modest origins and therein the strength of kuduro:

“It initially came from kids not having anything to make music on other than cellphones, using samples they’d get from their PCs and mobiles’ sound buttons. It’s a rave-y, beat oriented sound. Now that it’s growing, they’ve got proper PCs to make music on.”

Music always makes one stronger.


Lotus Plaza




First person singular

There was something in the bass you gave me
I was losing all my self control
I can see that I was acting crazy

Didn’t I tell you, didn’t I tell, you didn’t I tell you?
Not to be so kind to me

I want to live in this melody.


I’m creeping out of crumbling ideals and trying to create something hopeful.
Like music, like beauty.

My newest melodic solace: Citizens!

Don’t let your blood run cold

Hail to M.I.A.

M.I.A. is the only popular artist out there who is political and fun simultaneously.

I know of no other persona who has so shrewdly inserted Arab aesthetics and culture into mainstream pop without becoming tiresome.

Fighting prejudice can be really interesting.


Now you do, now you do

Baby, now you do


Leisure Time

Meeting & greeting & being nice

I somehow feel very enthusiastic about it.

I usually tend to keep to myself, you see