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Rio with July

After a long, busy and tiresome day, all I can think of is my trip to Rio the day after tomorrow.

The thing is, I have been so tired lately I’m barely gonna have the energy to do anything other than reading (and maybe a nice stroll along Ipanema at sunset, at most).

Rio is so much more than just the wonderful beaches. There is so much culture, so much history it is impossible to see it all. My friends make fun of me because I rarely stay by the ocean, relaxing – I’m always looking for cultural things to do.

Two days from now

This time I guess I’ll just do what they have always told me: take it easy and read a book by the ocean.

It will be a good chance for me to finish my favorite book of the month: Miranda July‘s No One Belongs Here More Than You.

I can’t help but increase my already great admiration for this woman. What a true artist she is and such an interesting writer. Hats off to her.

About II

It’s my roommate’s birthday today. We decided to start the celebrations by having a great lunch at home, with a bottle of champagne. I’m now a little drunk and I still have to work later on.

I had bought a book by Miranda July a couple of weeks ago, but I hadn’t started reading it until today after I got drunk. I guess I lacked to courage since she so often overwhelms me.

I guess one has to be ready to be overwhelmed, you know, with an open spirit.

I am now, but I still have to go to work.

No one belongs here more than you.

Miranda & McQueen

Every time I use the word ‘creativity’ here I can’t help but wonder if I am being too repetitive. Then yesterday, after the shock of Alexander McQueen‘s death, I had an insight to why it is so crucial to me.

I truly feel the need to have access to others’ creativeness, for it somehow feeds my own sense of creation. The process of writing becomes much more difficult for me if there’s nothing to get inspiration from. All sorts of art inspire, especially those who challenge or defy the spectator.

Having said all that, I must state here my endless admiration for the work of multitalented artist Miranda July. Ever since I saw her film “Me and You and Everyone We Know” some years ago I am constantly mesmerized by just about everything she does, be it visual arts, music, photography or even a paper note.

Here’s a video of her I found that shows how interesting she is:

It also shows one of the things I like most about Miranda: her sense of humour.

It is to artists like her that I look up when I feel a creative void, such as with McQueen’s tragic death. It really helps.