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Why give it all on you
You shot a hole in my mind straight through
When you pushed me aside, three days I cried

And now everything goes my way
And now everything goes my way

But then again, it doesn’t.

Metronomy‘s The English Reviera is my favorite album of 2011.

Metro Monday

I’m so in love with Metronomy‘s new album The English Riviera it’s almost overwhelming.

An immediate favorite:

I’m also in love with the lyrics; very long had been the time sung words spoke my language so well.

Listen and love.

A thing for them

Living with others teaches you a great deal about so many crucial things. I could cite good housekeeping and bookkeeping as the most important ones, but you can’t ignore the fact that you necessarily learn a lot about human interaction and social behavior, that is, how you cope with another person sharing what you think is your space.

I for one learned that I am capable of doing many things at one time but I never finish them. I was often criticized because of that and, in my defense, I can say that I am truly averse to performing boring tasks. Sweeping is so tedious that it often gets me so bored while I’m doing it that I just don’t collect the dust before I can have a nice cup of espresso or listen to a motivating song or just surf the net for a bit. I need caffeine or another type of creativity stimulus to be able to finish that sort of chore.

On a much more positive note – and to avoid the fact that I still have to unpack, here’s a video for one of my favorite songs at the moment. I love it so much that I can’t listen to it too often, in order not to spoil it. It is highly addictive, so I would advise you to listen moderately. I thus give you Metronomy‘s A Thing for You. Enjoy:

It is also a pleasant reminder of my lovely, fun-filled birthday celebration which took place last Saturday. All my friends came to a wonderfully cool café I chose, which is now owned by another friend, and we just had a blast. Thank you everyone, I really have a thing for all of you.

It is great to be back.