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Oh well

I don’t know why I fool myself in believing that there will come the day when I won’t need therapy.

The mind is like a beehive, I once heard, and it takes years and tremendous effort to clear it.

Meanwhile, I’ve fallen in love with Brazilian artist Lucas Simões‘ work, a surprising combination of photography and collage with great artistic insight.

His series called Desretratos (Unportraits) is especially brilliant and conceptually enticing. It also gives us a taste of the technique he uses. In his own words:

In this series of works I invited intimate friends over to tell me a secret as I took their portrait. However, my intention was not to hear their secret, but to capture the expressions of each one at the moment they revealed their secret. I also asked each one to choose a song for me to listen to in my ear phones while I photographed them. And, after the photo session, I asked each one if the secret had a color, and these are the colors the portraits carry. From this photo shooting session I chose 10 different portraits to cut and overlap. 

Two images:

It feels like peeling one’s brains through art.

Please don’t fail me now

I’ll open up if you make an incision

I’ll do right by you

All I ask is for your caring precision

And maybe I could pull through

Words by Beth Ditto, images from selected sources