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I’m quite tired to post anything that is slightly relevant at this point. Inspiration has left me for the day, so here are the things that I’ve done today:

  1. woke up late;
  2. went all the way to the university campus to get something I should have gotten before;
  3. met a friend for lunch at one of my favorite places on Earth (a Taiwanese vegetarian place);
  4. had coffee in an incredibly cozy new café close to my home;
  5. tried to solve my cell phone problem;
  6. went to the gym;
  7. grabbed a bite;
  8. taught another class;
  9. talked to another dear friend about Yom Kippur plans;
  10. searched for easy but smart laughter online.

A productive day? I’m not so sure.

Musically, today was devoted to The Knife:

and The Gossip:

I love it when I go back to an album I’ve listened to a lot in the past and still find new aspects to like.

Novelty doesn’t always lie in the new.

Typical Beauty from B

Brazilians are known for being a very racially mixed crowd. According to the 2006 Census, 33% of the population consider themselves to be of mixed race. This is quite easy to see just by walking down any street of a major city here.

Rael Costa is a fine example of this:

It is really refreshing to see this kind of looks represented.

With so many types of beauty in the world, it is about time we started appreciating different kinds of prettiness.

(Via TheFashionisto)

And before I forget:

!שנה טובה ומתוקה לכולנו

!ושבת שלום

Gays and Jews: a rhyme

Today is the first day of Pessach and to celebrate this lovely Jewish holiday I will bring Jews together with another joyous people: homosexuals!

Ever since I was a child I’ve had contact with Jewish people. They have been in my classes, work, love life and very often part of my circle of friends. Hearing what they say about the difficulties of being a Jew sparks numerous comparisons in my mind about the two minorities referred in the title. I shall highlight here some of the similarities, but know that there are more.

Gays & Jews:

  • will always be a minority;
  • have been persecuted for centuries (and still are being);
  • are constantly worried about acceptance;
  • are more than often unable to forget the fact that they gay or/and Jewish;
  • always know or want to know or pretend to know who’s gay and who’s not a Jew;
  • meet in special places, reserved just for them;
  • usually have a higher cultural level;
  • only (or mostly) date their own people;
  • like parties and celebrations &
  • just are what they are.
Jews, gays, gays, Jews

Jews, gays, gays, Jews

One last comparison that really makes me happy is the fact that a great number of Jewish and gay people, so tired of persecutions and prejudice, fight against all of prejudices’ ugly faces and types of manifestation. I’ve always believed that minorities should stick together and raise their voices against stupidity and narrow-mindedness.

This combination is definitely kosher.