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Siru, 25

It’s all about love. I’m wearing a knit of love.

I found this quote incredibly inspiring; I’ve always liked to think of love as thread.

Taken from the amazing street style blog Hel Looks.


I can’t get over these lovely romantic images:

When I was a teenager longing for love (as most teens are) I yearned for this kind of visual inspiration – which probably means I won’t ever stop being mesmerized by them.

These pictures were taken from a campaign for A&F and clichés apart, they are truly beautiful.

As if it weren’t enough, there is also a video:

If anyone needs me, I’ll be dreaming.

(Via Homotography)


This semester has been a very good one when it comes to long weekends in Brazil. Next Monday we’ll have another holiday, which means 3 days off in a row. So, in preparation for the weekend here are some inspiring images of all kinds:

Let us all hopefully have a weekend full of hopes and accomplished dreams.

Dreaming of beds

How do you spell t-i-r-e-d in 5 images?

Credit where available.

Why is completing a task much more tiresome than it is relieving?

I would like to know, but I’d rather go to bed.