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False nostalgia

A chance to propel a new imaginary childhood:

Induced by the lastest video by the ever so touching Memoryhouse


When feeling trapped, releasing the heat can work as salvation.

Up Beat

Dont’ know if I like the visuals;
Don’t know if I like the voice;
Don’t know if I like the lyrics;

But I love the result

It’s Jenocide!

To let things happen within.

Leisure Time

Meeting & greeting & being nice

I somehow feel very enthusiastic about it.

I usually tend to keep to myself, you see


Don’t be seduced until you know my truths

I’m obsessed with Planningtorock‘s album W.


I know my feelings

Crawling out of my fillings

-A thread is cut –

-To mend is to alleviate –

But how mendacious is mitigating?

Music & lyrics by Planningtorock,

abstract pictures by Wolfgang Tillmans


Why give it all on you
You shot a hole in my mind straight through
When you pushed me aside, three days I cried

And now everything goes my way
And now everything goes my way

But then again, it doesn’t.

Metronomy‘s The English Reviera is my favorite album of 2011.