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Siru, 25

It’s all about love. I’m wearing a knit of love.

I found this quote incredibly inspiring; I’ve always liked to think of love as thread.

Taken from the amazing street style blog Hel Looks.

Finnish fashionistas

Not Paris, not London and not even New York. The ultimate place for fashion and design inspiration is Scandinavia.

Scandinavian capitals have the best-dressed inhabitants per capita in the world. Maybe it’s the love for design, maybe it’s the colder climate which makes layers so important; the fact is that people in the Nordic countries really know what to wear.

To illustrate my point, there is one site I’m very fond of as a source of style inspiration: Hel-looks.

Hel-looks is a project by Finnish wonder-brains Liisa Jokinen and Sampo Karjalainen which has been dedicated to registering the best of style in the streets of Helsinki ever since 2005.

What I like most about it is not even the pictures – although they are always interesting. It is the description people make of their dressing ways that really please me. This guy above said about his attire:

I’m wearing a second-hand tuxedo with a self-made brooch. The colour black, brooches and shoes are corner stones of my style. My school mate Riina Salmi is a smart dresser and a great designer. I also like Gareth Pugh and Viktor & Rolf. – Matti (23), on Tähtitorninkatu.

I just love the combination of do-it-yourself with vintage wear and big designers who work so well for these Finnish fashion-icons. Also, it seems that fashion is truly a crucial element (or corner stones, if you’d like) in these people’s lives.

I just love when style becomes inherent to dressing.

How motivational.