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The political power of Beauty

Ever since I was a teenager I have the habit of following the news, avidly.

Having lived abroad on multiple occasions, it is part of my routine to read news regarding those countries directly in the local media.

Reading the French news today I was greatly disappointed to see that the extreme-right candidate for the presidency, Marie Le Pen (daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen) would win the elections if they were held today.

The Front National has a much derogatory view on immigration, which is considered, I quotethe source of most of the bad things that make France suffer“.

Europe’s chronic inability to cope with diversity is beginning to take a scary turn, and not only in France.

With a friendly looking Marie Le Pen, the party has gotten a lot of strength feeding on people’s prejudice and racism, also fueled by the economic crisis that has swept the Old Continent.

Since people respond in an undeniably positive way to beauty, here are some male models whose undisputable beauty would not be available had immigration been controlled as parties like the Front National would like it to be:

And an Arab-looking Beauty from B, Micky Ayoub:

Naive are those who ignore the power of Beauty.

Even for politics.

How to divert attention

The French Government is carrying out an expulsion of Roma (Gypsy) of its territory. Legally, these people are European citizens, which makes the manoeuver illegal according to EU law.

Earlier this week, the EU Justice Commissioner, Viviane Reding, allegedly compared the actions fiercely defended by Nicolas Sarkozy to Germany’s policies of expulsion during World War II.

Right served him.

Not so many people are aware of the fact that other ethnic, religious and political minorities were also persecuted during the third Reich: gypsies, Africans, homosexuals, Jehovah Witnesses, communists and even people with mental illnesses suffered during the regime.

The French government is going through a major political crisis linking the president with illegal moves involving obscure campaign money donations and power influence. Not to mention the economic crisis, also rather clumsily handled.

Creating an outrageous scandal based on right-wing populist measures with racistic ideals is quite an effective way of distracting the people’s attention, is it not?

No matter how big our prejudices might be, we must not repeat the errors of the past, even if they seem like the easiest way out of a crisis.

We must be smarter than that.

Der Eintänzer (2009), by Rebecca Horn

Isolation has never solved anything.

Paris in January: no, thanks.

Paris has beautiful monuments. Paris has great food in lovely restaurants. The cultural life (exhibitions, concerts, festivals) in the French capital is unparalleled. Yet, when I was about to leave the city, I thought to myself: “I never wish to return to this place”. Why?

The answer is simple: Paris is great for tourists, on the surface. If you dig deeper, you’ll find it’s much more boring than quite many places around the globe.

An undeniable example of this is the living situation. Apartments in the city are obscenely expensive but most of the places are incredibly small with bad heating and mobility issues. I’ve visited houses in Brazilian favelas which are much more comfortable and less run-down than most of the places I went to in Paris. Even luxurious apartments are small in comparison to Brazil or the USA.

Nevertheless, on the outside everything looks so beautiful and charming it really does fool one’s impression. Living in Paris, especially in the winter, has quite an oppressive feeling to it, because one feels cornered in those tiny apartments and the rainy and cold weather is totally unwelcoming.

When the museums, art galleries and the likes close, one really has no option. Dreadful.

This is a good reminder for those weak moments when one wishes to go back to a certain lifestyle out of pure nostalgia. In such a situation, the best answer is a plain “Thanks, but no, thanks“.