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Faller-in-love: an upcoming profession, a habit, a vice.

I can’t stop myself.


I’m tired and hung over.

My brain needs sugar and my eyes need candy. Hence:

Brazilian model Natan Machado (Ford Models). Pictures by my friend Daniela Nogueira.

Via MadeInBrazil.


There is a certain regard that always catches my attention. It’s inexplicable and I cannot pinpoint what it is that makes feel even more attracted to a specific type of beauty.

All I know is that guys like German-Brazilian Anderson Weisheimer have it:

Pure beauty.

Via MadeInBrazil.


The new issue of Made in Brazil magazine is now on sale.

A sneak peek:

The best of Brazilian beauty.


There is a most fruitful debate regarding the status of fashion photography within the arts.

Quite obviously, there are pictures which are so commercial they become devoid of any further significance or aesthetic purpose. They are, for the most part, just pretty.

The unfortunate weight of the business makes it less common for fashion editorials to delight us with their visual poetry.

That is why I simply cannot get over these pictures of Peter Bruder by German photographer Markus Pritzi.

It is beauty to be unveiled on multiple levels.

False hope

I used to think that false hope was something bad.

Now I think it spices up one’s life in a splendid delusional way.

Ingenious Spencer

Male high fashion is something truly rare, I dare say practically nonexistent.

Besides the endless parade of reinventions of the suit, not enough is done so as to provide boys with avant-garde, forward-looking looks. Mind you, I do enjoy a well-tailored suit and conservative wear, but one simply cannot wear it at all times if one wants to dress smartly and interestingly.

And that is precisely why I worship (yes, for it goes much beyond admiration) the work of fashion editor/stylist Robbie Spencer.

I’ve been following his work avidly on the pages of both Dazed & Confused and AnotherMan and he never ceases to surprise and dazzle me:

A master of layering and a gifted expert in accessories, Robbie is always able to put the most exciting and exquisite male looks  together.

What’s most remarkable is Spencer’s ability to come up with outfits that are quite haute couture for menswear, but totally absent of that feminine touch that is often present in such stylings.
He is a genius.

Liking Looking

Looking at Francisco Lachowski is always so soothing:

I feel brand new, right about now.


I’ve got a project that is both mind-freeing and guaranteed fun-filled.

It involves beauty and brings out a certain flair for glamour.

Having said that, I choose to illustrate my expectations with pictures from diversion-loving Hedi Slimane,

Let us dream together.


I’ve got to start going out a bit more.

I’ve been much too reclusive.

I’m beginning to feel the need to see new faces, new trends, new movements.

Images from Ffffound and Homotography.


But working on allowing feelings to flow.


When one’s mind begins to wander too much, there’s nothing like a task or a chore or a project to determine what’s important and what is irrelevant.

The words:

Let us not lose the glimmer of life, then.

The political power of Beauty

Ever since I was a teenager I have the habit of following the news, avidly.

Having lived abroad on multiple occasions, it is part of my routine to read news regarding those countries directly in the local media.

Reading the French news today I was greatly disappointed to see that the extreme-right candidate for the presidency, Marie Le Pen (daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen) would win the elections if they were held today.

The Front National has a much derogatory view on immigration, which is considered, I quotethe source of most of the bad things that make France suffer“.

Europe’s chronic inability to cope with diversity is beginning to take a scary turn, and not only in France.

With a friendly looking Marie Le Pen, the party has gotten a lot of strength feeding on people’s prejudice and racism, also fueled by the economic crisis that has swept the Old Continent.

Since people respond in an undeniably positive way to beauty, here are some male models whose undisputable beauty would not be available had immigration been controlled as parties like the Front National would like it to be:

And an Arab-looking Beauty from B, Micky Ayoub:

Naive are those who ignore the power of Beauty.

Even for politics.


Today is my birthday.

I’m going to spend it as I always like to do: surrounded by my dearest friends.

I don’t know if this is odd, but I think of this day as a celebration of my friends,without whom I’m nothing. (Maybe that’s the reason).


The ability to change is the hardest one to acquire.

Express. Fear not.

Let us not hang on our misconceptions of others.