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Streets of inspiration

I’ll be in New York City very, very soon.

As the week unravels, I shall attempt to translate some of my visual and sentimental experiences through various written texts and images on these pages.

And I cannot wait to be immerse in the atmosphere of a city of plenty.

Sleepwalkers (2007) by Doug Aitken

This time I’m staying close to the art galleries in Chelsea.

Inspiration will be one street way.

From the viewer

Contemporary art requires thinking.

Contemporary art requires knowledge about art history.

Contemporary art requires sensitivity.

Contemporary art requires questioning.

Contemporary art requires patience.

Contemporary art requires careful appreciation.

Sound Pavillion, by Doug Aitken

Interacting with a piece of work with a conceptual magnitude  like that of Doug Aitken (shown at Inhotim, close to Belo Horizonte) is only possible when one really believes or is willing to agree with these assumptions.

Very briefly, the installation offers a unique chance to combine all senses in reflecting upon the purpose of the work. The smallness of the human race if compared to the force of the planet is just something that occurred to me when I saw it. Needless to say (but I’ll do it anyway), I respect art and artists.

Consideration is my word du jour.