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At this point I’m so tired mentally I can only think of travel destinations that will serve for my total and utter relaxation.

Away from city life, away from music, away from the arts – this is how I intend to get my mind off my current worries.

Beach-wise, here’s my Top dream destination: Lençóis Maranhenses in the Brazilian Northeast.

Lençóis is an area of flat, low and rarely flooded land overlaid with immense shiny white sand dunes. Located close to the Equator, it is a natural park of stunning landscapes and mind-freeing reputation.

Having been born in the mountains, I must say that I am usually a bit more drawn towards the wonders of cliffs, slopes and hills than I am to sandy beaches. If I were to choose a destination right this second, it would be Chapada Diamantina National Park.

Waterfalls, gorges, caves and crystalline lakes are an option for the more adventurous. More and more I find that intense physical exercise keeps the mind from wandering and thus focus a bit more. Very surprisingly, I’ve been quite keen on them this past year.

Ok, enough with the dreaming. Gotta get back to work.