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A weekend of intense, focused work awaits me.

The good thing about doing what you like is that that doesn’t feel as bad as it sounds. It takes just a bit of drive to get through these two days into another busy week.

Since I am human, I know for sure my breaks will be filled with music, so I thought I could share my latest discovery with you – a tip by a friend:

Sweden’s Familjen

Along with fellow Nordic acts Sigur Rós and Casiokids, these guys sing in their native language.

I love the idea that music is somehow above and beyond nations and tongues, so that there would be no need to make it necessarily understandable via English.

Ha en trevlig helg!

A Wild Horse

Tonight I’m delivering a speech in front of a very large audience. In about two hours from now, I’ll be standing in front of very large crowd, supposedly representing a large number of people who apparently share many tastes and interests with me. I don’t know about that.

To get my mind out of the subject, I – as always – turn to music.

My band du jour is a Norwegian act who are great at using dirty electronic sounds and transforming all this into nice electro-house with joyous lyrics and a good touch of dancefloor beats.


Mind you, they sing in Norwegian, something I just love.

I must say I didn’t like the idea of their music when I first read about them, but the music is just so delightful. I couldn’t help it.

Once more, I’m happy to realize that I’ve changed my mind. For someone as stubborn as me, it is a wonder.

Takk for alt!