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I get so excited when artists I enjoy produce something new.

Here’s the new video by Brazilian remix wizard, Boss In Drama, this time with a song of his own:

A perfect end-of-the-summer tune for the Northern Hemisphere and a most stirring song for those in the Southern Hemisphere who can’t wait to see the summer arrive.

Focus on fun

In less than a week I’ll be heading south to one of Brazil’s creative hubs.

Coincidently, last Friday, one of my most beloved acts from that region came to town for a one-night performance at one of my favorite clubs (lots of favorites, as you can see). The genius Bo$$ in Drama:

I know this is a rather cheap DYI silly video, but what’s important is getting the taste.

And it’s great.

The boss of remix

As I’ve said before, Brazil is the country of the remix; the place where art is cleverly appropriated and given a special touch: a Brazilian touch.

In this sense, I can’t think of any DJ who is as good at making fun, dancing music as Bo$$ in Drama. A performer and a music producer too, he can shake any dancefloor at any time and any day. He rules.

A live performance of the song Jumpstyle:

One of the best live gigs/dj nights I’ve ever been to.