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I haven’t been very keen on writing about the arts lately, but I know I should. The only one that has been taking my time is literature, but of the scientific type. Soon I’ll be free to explore this world a little more.

For the moment I can only recommend attention to the work of two young Brazilian artists, rare painters in this sculpture-loving land:

João Maciel and Rodrigo Mogiz.

Maciel's and Mogiz's work side by side

While the first one is deeply concerned with street art and graffiti-like representations of urban life and violence, the second chooses the female form and color subtleties as his main subjects. A truly great contrast.

The colorfulness of João Maciel‘s expressive views of modern life move me far more than Mogiz‘s, but by combining the both one gets a truthful glimpse of what Brazilian city life can be, with all its extremes.

If you are in Belo Horizonte, checking their exhibition at Belizário Art Gallery is a must.

Renewal with Rubin Steiner

Last Saturday I attended a surprisingly nice concert I feel should tell everyone about.

In a restored old fabric factory, the lovely French group Rubin Steiner performed energetically, yet gracefully, in the refreshing electronic music festival Eletronika here in Belo Horizonte.

When I first knew them, they were this really cool and hype group who used samples from old songs mixing them with electronic beats and vocal interventions. Years later, when I had almost forgotten about them and in a time when everybody is doing what they did, the come here again and impress me.

Here’s a little taste, but know that the live performance is incredibly better: