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Short of boys , full of fun

Today my eyes go eastwards to Australia (remember I write from Brazil) to find yet another delightful electronic music act: Strange Talk

Doesn’t this video make you want to fall in love, travel to the coast and have an enormous amount of fun with your gorgeous friends who are also in love?

Great tune, lovely lyrics.

Warming up

One of my favorite bands in the whole Solar System is back after a long interval: the geniuses of Architecture in Helsinki:

The perfect prelude for the weekend.


PS: And a happy birthday to my dear friend Luan!

Fun for energy

Continuing the musical journey westwards to Australia, here’s one of my favorite Aussie bands, Architecture in Helsinki:

I’m running quite late with my commitments, so I shall keep this one short.

Their upbeat and dangerously cool music will help me get things done.

And I’m positive that a brand new record would really assist me in meeting deadlines. I’m always more motivated when fun is involved.