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Teenage angst

Working with teenagers is both fascinating and highly exhaustive, sometimes simultaneously.

I often choose to work with them, be it for later to regret or to rejoice. Sometimes they really awaken the darkest hate instincts in me – I can quite loathe them – but very often they astound me with their opinions and free views on life.

Today I had to put up with one boy who’s soon to be elected the city’s most adolescently annoying teen, with honors. Defying authority, trying to shock or just plainly playing stupid, he really got on my nerves.

Luckily, right afterwards, I met some of the coolest teens I’ve been dealing with lately and they even managed to surprise me. What a relief.

In the spirit of my fashion-obsessed week, here’s another adolescent-looking model who’s caught my attention:

Angus Whitehead, a teenager mirage

Angus Whitehead, a teenager mirage

If only all were like this one, at least our eyes would be given a rest.