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To gay teens

This video came to my attention through a series of links connected to the horrible displays of homophobia that took place in Belgrade, Serbia during a gay pride event.

As they guys sum up, adolescence can an incredibly tragic, sorry and diminishing time for a young gay person – it was unquestionably the worst time of my life, but it DOES get better:

It takes a lot of courage, a lot of personal strength and an enormous amount of drive to be able to pull through all the hardships a gay teen encounters in his/her daily life, but it is possible.

There are certainly no formulas and there are obviously different outcomes (some happier, others a bit harder), but the message American writer Dan Savage, his partner Terry and myself would like to send is that you are not alone.

Just hang in there the best you can. Wonderful things lie ahead of you.

Fun for me

Working or living close to teenagers is a bit of paradox for me. My reaction to their attitudes varies from ironic dismissal to sympathetic admiration. What usually draws the line is opinion. I tend to take them very seriously unless they are expressing their opinions.

Does anyone recall how unbending and severe our takes are when we are adolescents? I do.

Tavi for Pop Magazine

Which brings me to a recent internet phenomenon: Tavi Gevinson. I’ve been quite reluctant to mention her, for I often think her views on fashion to be as inconsequent and harmless as teens’ opinions should be.

Then, I actually started reading the texts on her blog. They are flabbergasting. She is as cunning as she is sweet in her writing. The freshness of her words is just delightful and the teen world she unveils so endearing it is quite hard for me not to admire her.

Teenagers often feel they need to appear older than they really are to get others to pay attention to what they have to say. What I like most about Tavi is that when she is talking about her daily life, she is just herself. It is this side of the blog I’ve been mostly hooked on.

As I mentioned on my previous post, I do not glorify adolescence. Teens may be wonderfully clever and quite inspiring but opinions emitted in a time of discoveries and maturing should be heard with no less than careful suspicion.

Isn’t it the possibility of radical changes of mind and attitudes the best thing about being a teenager?