Monthly Archives: March 2012


Baby, can you see through the tears?

I have loved Lana del Rey since the very first time I saw and heard her.


IF HOPE is to grow and blossom, it should take the form of a bush, not a tree
Its roots should be short and superficial, its leaves bendable and sweet
Its structure not stiff as a trunk, but with stems as flexible as the wind commands

So when it dies it won’t cause as much destruction
When it falls or is felled by the untamed
Pruned by the tearing of all conjunction



Writing is not enough
Talking is not enough
Music is not enough
Silence is not enough
Friendship is not enough
Love is not enough
Lust is not enough
Fun is not enough
Exhaustion is not enough

And vicariousness is of great help


Sometimes contemplating something broken helps us reinvent ourselves.

The Turbulence

May one day my whimsical mind be mitigated,
When my anxious weakened thoughts are obliterated
Then giving way to the magic wonders of every day,
When with the life of others I shall never play

But then again, what is the mouth to say?

First person singular

There was something in the bass you gave me
I was losing all my self control
I can see that I was acting crazy

Didn’t I tell you, didn’t I tell, you didn’t I tell you?
Not to be so kind to me

I want to live in this melody.


WRITING is dying and living and dying and dying and drawing and remaining.
To be strong and weak and strong and weak and obstinate and frail.
To allow, to permit, to allow, to allow, to allow to be able to let go.
Illusion, delusion: dreaming and daring and imagining and evading.

I need them all. All of them.