Daily Archives: 30/03/2012

Box Of Feelings: Assignment #3

Though we may not want it or see it happen, everything changes. Very often, we need our feelings to change in order for us to move on.

It is thus time to learn how to cope with regret through detachment.


Assignment #3: Go around your house or any place you keep your secret treasures and memorabilia. Collect all of the small items that remind you of something or someone you have loved but had to let go. It may not have been an easy choice and it must have  left marks on you (because you still keep the stuff).

Once you  have it all, place them tidely on the floor and lay shirtless (and bra-less, if you’re a girl) on top of them. Lie quietly over them, and think about why this is or should be part of your past. Stay there as long as you need, but it must be long enough to cause you a slight discomfort and leave physical marks. It will eventually wear off.


If you want to participate in the project, take a picture of your marked skin and/or of the objects you lied upon and send it to idealistico.wordpress@gmail.com.