Daily Archives: 21/10/2011

Thankful reading

My most intriguing experiences do not come from exotic traveling, I’m afraid.

What most fascinates me is the unique opportunity to glance at how other people lead their lives on a mental level: how they think the world, if you will.

Very seldom am I able to actually perceive it on my daily observations: those who are too different from me tend to irritate me too much and thus quickly kill my immediate curiosity.

However, very luckily for my anthropological interests, there is literature. How amusing it is to be able to cope with differences through the distance of reading! I’m most grateful to insightful writers, they lessen the burden of meeting and conversing with annoying real-life characters, personality-wise.

An excerpt of one such description:

I can only apologize so much for being enigmatic enough to continue to be an intriguing mystery, yet at the same time so emotionally available. When you come home from work I can’t help but want to know how your day was and what the other girls at the office think of you. I’m driven to sometimes engage you, but others to just let you get it off your chest. You think I don’t hate the fact I’m such a good listener? It’s a curse, a burden I carry with me. I’d love it if things could be different, but they can’t because I’ll never change.

(Ross BEELEY, You Can’t Change Me, Baby)

McSweeney’s feeds so brilliantly my hungry yet shunning curiosity.

Such a relief for a disquiet mind it is too.

Drawing by Julia Selin.