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A beat can sometimes speak right to one’s soul: a true bliss.

When I first heard this, I knew I would love it:

And here’s an extra taste:

The retro guitars, the echoey vocals, the fake naivety – love, love, love.

Seapony is my new official feel-good act.


Slowing entering a world that isn’t mine.

So now I can almost say; instead of scared, I’m fascinated.

The impact of a single change is as strong as it is necessary.

New seas to be sailed, new expressions to be shown.

The magic of a soft distortion in a positive direction.

Detracted symbols, weakened fortresses.

Wisely twisting something that should be bent.

Between two selves.

All works by American artist Matthew Ronay


Letting go of old habits is a hard task.

Loving the new cannot be planned: it rimes with discovery.

One moves faster out of unexpected needs, immediate threats, hasty departures.


Am I repeating myself?

Mental soundtrack by The Horrors.


Inner worlds and day-dreams are so inviting and comfortable one might deliberately live one’s entire life in them.

But reality is a slap in the face, and the stronger the hit, the harder the need.

Collections of thoughts might get you so far, never much further. The path outwards is most commonly the most defying.

So glistening and glamorous dreaming can be. Deceiving but relieving; the relief of avoidance.

Break, erupt, discontinue, disclose, transgress,trespass.


All works by Felix González-Torres


If I were to encounter a magic being or object who/which would grant me three self-directed wishes (so as to avoid the temptation of saving the world), they would be:

1. To be  widely more sponteneous

2. To be far less judgemental

3. To have way thicker hair

A man does not live only of grand ideals.

Embracing universes

Ever since CDs stopped being relevant, there are only two things in the world I like to purchase: clothes & books.

With clothes I get to express my moods, manifest ideas and cause immediate reactions. With books I absorb others’ impressions and feelings through their creative view of the world, and respond mentally to them.

I’m an avid yet inconstant reader, and I tend to read several novels at the same time – besides all the other readings I regularly do.

Sometimes it can take months before I finish one piece of work. This may be due to my reluctance to part from an enticing or surprising narrative – I get too attached to these universes which eventually help me build my own.

There are five books between which I’m presently dividing my attention, all I can but highly recommend:

1. Sagarana, by Guimarães Rosa;

2. Le Marin de Gibraltar, by Marguerite Duras;

3. Todos los fuegos el fuego, by Julio Cortázar;

4. The Line of Beauty, by Allan Hollinghurst and

5. The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath.

All of these are remarkable in their own right, but I am absolutely fascinated by Sylvia Plath’s only published novel.

Sylvia Plath

It is so relieving to enter someone else’s life, sharing their impressions, views, loves and fears, it is like one gets a singular chance of reinterpreting one’s own reality.

Something I most earnestly ought to do.


Whatever can be turned, will be turned; now or later, now and then

Around or upside down, perspectives bounce and change

If only we were to let things follow their course

Controlling impulses one cannot contain

The contention of control


Freeing colors, constraining forms

Fighting fears: letting go