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But working on allowing feelings to flow.



Everything must be in its right place.

Objects as well as feelings, each entity should be where they belong.

With the help of brilliantly insightful Miranda July, I will give it a try.

Importance should be given only to things that matter.


When it comes to expression (of any kind, mind you) the only type of work that truly deserves attention is the done entirely heartfelt. I also believe it has to come from an inner need, especially when it comes to heart.

That is why I cannot get over this passage from William Gedney‘s journal:

“it is one thing to think about a piece of work as a scientific or objective entity that will stand up a hundred years hence, and another to think of a living quality of the person doing the thing and of his development. Is the think felt – doesn’t it come out of an inner need – an inner must? Is one ready to die for it?… that is the only test…”

Alfred Stieglitz

Gedney was an American photographer who registered numerous and various moments of every-day life. This quote of Alfred Stieglitz is just brilliant.

Why bother to do something if it doesn’t reflect a deep-down urge?

Via AmericanSuburbX


When one’s mind begins to wander too much, there’s nothing like a task or a chore or a project to determine what’s important and what is irrelevant.

The words:

Let us not lose the glimmer of life, then.

Big sister, little brother

My sister has recently given birth to a baby boy. It is her second child but I wasn’t living here at the time when my niece was born.

My sister and I have had our ups and downs but I am really glad to be around this time.

As a tribute to her and all the other big sisters out there, here’s a song by Antony and the Johnsons that always makes me cry a bit:

Let the lyrics speak for me.


An earthquake is the most undeniable and terrifying force of nature.

Nothing makes us humans feel as helpless and scared as when the ground and walls shake around us.

My deepest sympathy and compassionate thoughts are with all of those affected in Japan.

As my personal tribute, some images of most admirable Japanese artists:

Let the sun rise again on them.

Belle chanson

I know I say this much too often, but I’m falling head over hills musically in love with Belleruche:

Beats, voice, looks and creativity.

I’m hers.

3 Amp Fuse is part of Belleruche’s third album, 270 Stories’ Book.