When it comes to expression (of any kind, mind you) the only type of work that truly deserves attention is the done entirely heartfelt. I also believe it has to come from an inner need, especially when it comes to heart.

That is why I cannot get over this passage from William Gedney‘s journal:

“it is one thing to think about a piece of work as a scientific or objective entity that will stand up a hundred years hence, and another to think of a living quality of the person doing the thing and of his development. Is the think felt – doesn’t it come out of an inner need – an inner must? Is one ready to die for it?… that is the only test…”

Alfred Stieglitz

Gedney was an American photographer who registered numerous and various moments of every-day life. This quote of Alfred Stieglitz is just brilliant.

Why bother to do something if it doesn’t reflect a deep-down urge?

Via AmericanSuburbX


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