Liking challenges

When ideas begin to flow much too fast to be translated in ordinary ways, a new form of Art is invented to so they can be expressed.

As new forms of media appear, so do unexpected platforms for artistic thinking. It may seem from the opinions stated here that I am a bit resistant to some types of art, and indeed I am.

Keeping a closed mind is much too a partial attitude for an art lover to have, so from time to time I force myself to embrace and understand ways of producing art that don’t necessarily please me at first.

Video art challenges me. And it’s not even that new.

I am so glad I give it a chance though, because I get to appreciate art pieces such as those by American artist Gary Hill

(Many of his videos can be seen here).

If one can learn how to prize something out of an effort to take an interest, many of the things in this world would be rather different.

In all senses.

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