Daily Archives: 06/01/2011


Many people write me asking questions about who I am and what I do and etc. The reason why I almost never write about something specific related to myself is that what I write is a reflection of me. I am my writings.

The urge people feel to put me in a box shouldn’t – the way I see it, be more important than the things I like to highlight in this space.

Nonetheless, things change.

I came across the famous Proust Questionnaire very recently and I was amazed by its depth. This set of questions was answered by the French novelist when he was quite young and it has since become a reputed way of looking into someone’s inner self.

I shall thus answer some of the questions in the next few days.

To begin:

Your idea of happiness: complete freedom and independence to choose, yet simultaneously having been chosen by those I love.

Your idea of misery: a situation in which I’m forced to do something against my personal principles.

If not yourself, who would you be? Someone who could be easy-going and carefree without being careless.

Where would you like to live? In a place where I could have all my friends and which would be a combination of intense cultural life and warmth in people’s relationships. Unfortunately, there is no such place.


Emotional Landscapes

More to come.