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Multifaceted bridges

I have always believed that prejudice is caused by lack of knowledge.

Once one truly gets to know something that is different, it has a chance of becoming familiar and thus much less frightening.

I went to an exhibition on Islamic Art last weekend in Rio and it was very obvious how little people know about its multiple cultural aspects. We westerns tend to group Islam under a single mass of people – which couldn’t be farther from reality.

Not only does Islamic Art excel in its use of geometrical shapes and floral patterns, it also shows a delightful emphasis on calligraphy and the importance of handwriting in its presentation.

I love the way modern artists draw inspiration from these sources – scarcely known in western societies, I dare say.

Like Shezad Dawood:

This contemporary British artist cleverly uses elements commonly associated with the modern world with century-old artistic heritage to create art that questions general views on Islam and on religion.

Although religion may play an ambiguous role in the shaping of societies and even in the spreading of prejudices, it is undeniable that it is a reflection of culture as much as it is part of it.

Knowing its various sides can help us all build a world where people are more important than what their belief system might be.

As for the arts, as M.I.A. once said: trend-setters make things better.


Loved this:

Hermanos Inglesos has become the perfect soundtrack for my vacations.

Vacations: unwinding

I’m taking some 10 days off to slow down and enjoy the summer.

I’ll still be posting, but a little less often.

It’s time to unwind.


Isn’t it great when one of your favorite bands produces offspring in one way or another?

A member of the übercool act The xx, the humbly self-entitled Jamie XX has been getting a lot of my attention. A taste:

The project apart from his mother band called We’re New Here is to be released in Feb 2011.

Can’t wait.