Daily Archives: 18/11/2010

Submerging in art

A very dear friend of mine recently decided to start painting again after years of focus on fashion. As amazing as she is as a designer, I couldn’t help but feel really thrilled she is coming back to the arts.

Then, totally out of the blue I came across some images of paintings by another very talented female painter whose work reminds me of my friend’s, South African artist Marlene Dumas:

Just like my friend (whose work I unfortunately cannot post here), Dumas very often starts the process of creating her images from snapshots she collects.

As keen on interpretations of reality as I am, such a creation process is simply a magnet to my appreciation.

The idea of immerging in the image becomes quite appealing when you think its source was another scene that maybe took place.

But then again, as this friend summed up, painting is immersing yourself in the process.

And true great artists can make the viewers immediately feel this devotion.