Daily Archives: 16/11/2010

On usefulness

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder – how many of the visitors of this blog actually read what is stated here?

Then, on a second thought, it seems much more interesting to leave this question unanswered – it means the game of seducing the reader can take place.

It also means a post can be as ephemeral as one’s moods.

Thinking about these issues, I came across James Nizam‘s enticing collection of sculptures and pictures entitled Memorandoms:

Using material which is about to be rejected, Nizam’s sculptures are built on the the meaning of a thought of future uselessness.

Which makes one ponder; what use is there to the things we want so much to be permanent but which are so often ever-changing?

I cannot know, though a Buddhist might say: Well, nothing stays forever.

Not even feelings of inadequacy.