30th Birthday Wishes (not mine)

As he approaches his 30th birthday, a close friend of mine started thinking really seriously about his life and his choices. He then asked me: do you worry about having accomplished all the things you wanted to by the time you turn 30?

My reply: not anymore.

I made peace with my future because it does not reflect my unrealistic dreams anymore; it’s more rooted in the consequences of my present actions.

But then again, the choice of which actions to take is not an easy one. My painstaking method to make such decisions is to stop completely whatever I might be doing for a while, and then take this time off to figure things out.

In a recent interview to AnotherMan, one of the world’s top creative minds – the brains behind Aphex Twin summarized my point. I quote:

I tried not making it [music] for ages as I thought maybe I was doing it because I couldn’t think of anything else to do but soon realized that it’s what I’m meant to do.

Sometimes we confound our wishes with our true possibilities and that usually leads to no good.

As for myself, right now I’m pretty much satisfied to know that I’m doing what I please and love to do. That is, truly, more than I could ever desire.

And here’s the first song I ever listened by Aphex Twin, a true classic (watch it through):

For inspiration.


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