Daily Archives: 26/10/2010

Money is time

For those who know at least a little about Brazilian history, the fact that this country faced long periods of economic instability is no novelty.

One of its many aspects was the constant change of currencies throughout the years. Hyperinflation and/or ineffective government plans for the economy gave rise to a parade of different colors, kinds and forms and shapes of bills that marked the childhood of many Brazilians.

Years later, Brazilian photographer Fernando Schmitt chose the faces on our currencies as the subject of his most unusual portraits:

The series, entitled Dinheiros (as incorrect as its direct translation: Moneys) is a surprising reminder of the contrast of grandiosity of a historical figure as opposed to the unimportance and disposability of old money.

Just as quick as one might lose his throne, so can a currency and a whole money system collapse.