Daily Archives: 12/10/2010

Two introductions for one new love

I couldn’t decide on which two ways to begin today’s post, so I decided to post both – a more personal one and one with a recommendation.

1. If I had to pinpoint its origin, I guess my larger-than-life passion for music started when I was a teenager. As I said yesterday, those were hard times and I often sought refuge from my troubles in music. Sometimes I turned to happy music, to cheer me up and take me to a different world; some other times I choose gloomy tunes to help my express my pain. I still like both kinds, and it is truly overwhelming when I song can be both at the same time. This is how I felt when I first heard…

2. LaBlogotheque is not only my all-time favorite French blog but also one of the best music blogs there are out there. It was through it that I came in contact with…

How To Dress Well‘s music:

HTDW is a project by Chicago-based Tom Krell which started like an online sharing of remixes, reinterpretations and ultimately his own music. His record, entitled Love Remains, will be released some time this year.

His beautiful voice, his subtle melodies, the wonderful lyrics and the marvellous combination of all these factors have won my entire admiration and musical fondness.