Daily Archives: 15/09/2010

Signs, silence, Zola

(I bit my lip thrice. A heavenly sign to remain silent?)

Being slightly inattentive has almost always been an endearing trait of my personality. Many people think it’s cute (not most of my roommates, though).

Today I was careless enough to leave my cell phone on a wet sink for a couple of hours and then, when I needed to use it, I realized it was no longer working. Now I’m not only unable to make or receive calls but I’m also deprived of all its wonderfully addictive features.

To be honest, I’m perfectly well without constant communication – I love it, actually. Whenever I travel I make a big deal out of not taking any phone with me – there is so much liberty in not being reachable at all times.

Anyway, this completely changed my mood because I hate having to deal with this sort of errand – I guess I pretty much dislike all errands for that matter, so I won’t be writing about anything else.

Then rather than speaking, I’m reading and listening.

So here’s a video by Zola Jesus (don’t you just love that name?):

Although I’m not very fond of the Goth label, I truly appreciate her dark tone. A more recent one:

I need to calm down.