Daily Archives: 09/09/2010

Psychotherapy is the new pilates

Many are those who experience the power of producing art in improving one’s sentimental and mental conditions.

Lygia Clark (1920-1988), one of Brazil’s most reputed artists, was one of those. A key player in the creation of the Neo-Concrete art movement back in the mid 20th century, Clark turned to art therapy as a means of helping others towards the end of her life.

The Neo-concretists believed that the art is subjective as it is organic, meaning that the spectators (or participants) should be able to explore it and eventually merge with the artist himself through the manipulation of the art object.

An interesting point in her work is that she took elements of both Constructivism and Performance art and combined them in a unique way that encourages interaction with very abstract works.

Her choice of materials  is quite extraordinary (especially metal) with regards to audience participation. One would think that hard objects in geometrical shapes would hardly be inviting but yet she managed to make her art work quite approachable.

It is truly wonderful when you can really experience the work of an artist. It is not only life-changing but also quite healing.

Like therapy, like sports, like art.