Daily Archives: 08/09/2010


One can never deny one’s past. No matter how we feel about our personal histories, they are an unforgiving and constant presence in one’s present life.

Even when we feel the need to break with events, memories, feelings and embarrassments from the past, they are nonetheless a part of who we are. In order to reject something, one has to know it first.

Acknowledging something is a very healthy attitude towards accepting oneself.

So why am I talking about this?

After yesterday’s post, I got to thinking about all the things that have influenced my tastes and perceptions of the world. Of course, I think too much and I never know how to stop my brain from making considerations about everything but I’m very inclined to believe that my past experiences shaped my tastes and who I am today.

Thus my admiration for the Nordic countries may come from another source rather than pure appreciation of the undeniable talent fostered in that area. It may come from my heart.

My first encounter with the true pleasures of the flesh (euphemisms are in again) took place in Iceland, with an Icelandic boy. He was my first boyfriend and it was also the first time I could truly feel what love was.

Then, not surprisingly, Icelandic music was there from the beginning (although I already loved Björk when I first went to Iceland). For sentimental reasons, here’s the latest video by Jónsi:

So now you know.