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Not to follow

If you think procrastinating does not have its consequences, you are more or less thinking like I was. That is to say, you are obviously wrong. So how could we have been so mistaken? Perhaps it was luck. Perhaps.

How many times do we need to tell ourselves to do today what shouldn’t be left for tomorrow? Reality called and I had to answer: “Yes, I’m here. Please be gentle on me for I was so naive.”

No good trying to evade into the arts or music – and those fabulous books/clothes you bought won’t help you now – the time is coming.

The path I chose to leave this situation as gracefully as I can is to be humble, open and hard-working.

Putting a smile on our face really helps too.

Monday morning feelings

Using images from paitings by Tatiana Blass:

Cachorros molhados, 2009

Ever since I first saw her work I’ve been fascinated by the way it so subtly conveys (my own?) feelings.

Teatro da despedida #2, 2009

Have a good Monday.


I’ve just found out about this Brazilian singer who’s got such a lovely voice I couldn’t wait to post it here.

Her name is Tiê and her videos are as sweet as the lyrics to her songs.

For instance:

It’s high time everyone learned how to speak Brazilian Portuguese.

If you can’t, enjoy the melody.

Crying (with joy) for Argentina

Let us continue our unplanned trip around the globe; now to Argentina.

I am very pleased to report that our neighboring country has become the first one in Latin America to legalize same-sex marriage.

In a region where sexism reigns, it is a great relief to see that a whole country is ready to let go of one of its inequalities, which is based on nothing but religious-driven misconceptions.

It is a simple question of Law. If homosexual citizens have the same obligations as other citizens, they are entitled to having to exact same rights. There is no support for the existence of two standards other than religion.

Everything should be in its right place.

In every-day terms, when such an initiative becomes a reality, very practical consequences are to be seen and felt. To the concerned people’s lives, it is not just a legal disposition, it is a life-changing moment. I have seen it happen in Spain and it is easy to see how gay couples there feel so free and proud they no longer have to hide.

As a tribute to my fellow Latin American country, here are some drawings by my all-time favorite Argentinian artist, Leon Ferrari:

El Arca de Noé, 1964

Words on art when nicely and carefully done are so appealing to me. A wonderful combination of two worlds.

Continuity and repetition are some of the constant ideas behind Ferrari’s artistic production and techniques.

Let us just hope and fight so that other countries in the world decide to follow and repeat Argentina’s refreshing attitude.

Felicidades, Hermanos!


Today is France’s National Day. Although I don’t usually like to take part in nationalistic celebrations, I’ve decided to pay a tribute to Paris (for a change) and list my favorite places from when I lived there in a bilingual post.

A cause de la Fête Nationale de France j’ai décidé d’écrire ce post bilingue pour rendre un hommage à Paris. Malgré mon malaise par rapport à ce type de célébration, je fais ici une petite liste des lieux que j’aimais le plus quand j’y habitais.

  1. Café du Centre Culturel Suédois. I know, I know. It’s still connected to Scandinavia, but this tiny café is so cozy and has such delicious cakes it was a delight just being there. Je sais, je sais. C’est un espace quand-même lié à la Scandinavie, mais il s’agit d’un tout petit café si agréable avec des tartes si bonnes que c’est une vraie délice d’y être.
  2. Le Pink Flamingo. The best and most stylish pizzeria in Paris. This lovely kitsch spot serves the most interesting pizza flavors in wonderful, unpretentious atmosphere. Voilà la meilleure et la plus branchée pizzeria de Paris. C’est kitsch, c’est chouette et on y sert les pizzas les plus intéressants de la ville.
  3. Pop In. My favorite bar/club of the city. Indie music, nice atmosphere & great drinks. The dancefloor is quite good; unfortunately it closes at 2 am. Keep an eye for the concerts; interesting groups have played there. De la musique indie rock, des boissons super et une ambience cool. La piste de dance est plutôt bien, mais malheureusement on la ferme à 2 du matin. A faire attention aux groupes qui jouent là-bas.

No matter how big my issues with living in Paris might be, there are still some very nice places to check out and people to be met. Just remember to avoid the obvious.

Même si j’ai mes problèmes par rapport à Paris, je crois qu’on y trouve quand-même des lieux très sympas et des gens bien intéressants. Il faut juste se rappeler qu’en s’agissant de la capitale, on doit absolument éviter les choix évidents.


An eye in the North

Keeping a constant eye for Nordic artists always pays off. Though I try hard to understand this fertility, I can’t quite grasp what makes them stand out so often. Serious investments in education? Deep cultural interest? Real life boredom? Having lived there has not enabled me to answer these questions. Still, I can’t help but admire most of what emerges from that area of the world.

Yesterday I was so pleasantly surprised by a Danish act it really cheered up my afternoon. His name is Kasper Bjørke and the tunes are the type of easy-listening, flavored electronica I love to listen to:

Not only is he a talented solo artist but also a gifted producer. His dj mixes are to die for and to dance to.

These wonderful surprises have been so refreshing.

Reading & Writing & Seeing & Thinking

I almost envy people who are at least apparently able to write in a way their mindsets unravel quite freely. These lucky writers seem to ride on their own trains of thought and the words just pop out as if they were about to miss the departure of the train.

Yeah, I don’t do that. I have never really thought about this until now, but I guess the way I think and write is more like a combination of overthinking, restraining and then letting go trying to ignore my own self-judgemental impulses. In order to let the words be more like the ones in my head, I very rarely proofread my writings and this might be the reason for apparent confusion in this blog. I truly don’t know.

All this came to mind after reading some more of Miranda July‘s stuff. I’m hooked on the blog she wrote back in 2005 connected to her first film Me And You And Everyone We Know:

Watch the trailer, rent the movie, read the blog.

Have a nice Monday.