This is a selection of images I somehow was brought to as a natural consequence of my current state of mind.

Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Humming Bird, 1940

Ever since the first time I saw Frida Kahlo‘s paintings (long before that Hollywood movie, I might add) was I fascinated by the strength and pain depicted in the images she produced. If aching has a translation, here it is:

The Little Dear, 1946

Isn’t it striking how agony can be turned into an image even by the use of bright, vivid colors? The true genius of Kahlo lies in this ability in my humble opinion.

Then I  saw this picture:

Moose, by Ben Pier

It is like the animal had been caught wandering around the house. Or maybe it owns the place and the photographer just happened to be there. Wouldn’t that be an interesting perspective?

My mind is drifting today.

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