Daily Archives: 29/07/2010

thinking & existing

Having an opinion is something I treasure deeply.

I simply could not understand how so many people can live their lives without reflecting upon their experiences and on the world that surrounds us.

Then I read something that shed some light on the matter. In order to have an opinion, one must think. When you think hard, you start seeing things and then ideas begin to shape in one’s mind, which in turn create the need for expression. Expressing one’s conceptions can either please or annoy others, and I find it that most people are affected by opinions in the second way, being annoyed by them.

When someone presents us with a carefully conceived, whole-hearted felt idea, there’s no way to escape our own thoughts. One is forced to think and that is exactly what many people dread. Isn’t it easier just to follow the ideas from others? Isn’t it much less complicated to do what one is told and never question anything?

Fortunately, I disagree.