Daily Archives: 03/07/2010

Doubting disregard

In a world where images not only abound but tire one’s eyes, when a single picture shakes you out of your visual numbness, it is worth careful appreciation.

Rineke Dijkstra‘s photographs have such an impact.

I was walking around the MoMA in NYC and suddenly I felt I was forced to stop to look at one of the Dutch photographer’s images.

A Venus-like teen

While I continue my readings of Marina Castañeda‘s book on (homo)sexuality I have been constantly drawn to make considerations on adolescence.

Nowadays there seems to be a certain glorification of a stage of life that is undoubtedly very, very hard.

Dijkstra seems to be able to capture this longing for identity and awkwardness of the body like a mirror for these teens’ souls.


By showing teenagers in such respectful vulnerability, her series entitled Puberty raise questions on the true importance we give to this phase of life.

Should so much significance be put on people who barely know what is meaningful to them?

I am not so sure.