Daily Archives: 01/07/2010

Role model

When I was writing yesterday’s post about Brazilian models of Italian or German background, I also had in mind to write a different chapter of my male beauty book showing black guys too.

What a hard task.

First of all, I couldn’t remember the name of any off the top of my head. That was a little surprising. Then, I started searching for it in various places and it is just unbelievably hard to find any representative name.

Finally, I ended up coming across a discussion on how Eurocentric the fashion industry is, and that not even initiatives like Vogue’s Black Issue suffice for changing people’s minds. I had to convince myself that the discussion was more fruitful than just posting an image.

Although there are parts of Brazil where it is very rare to see black people (namely the South of the country), this is not what I and most people who grow up in the enormously populated and multiracial states of Rio, São Paulo or Minas Gerais are used to.

As always, I turn to music in the hopes of helping building a better world:

Grace Jones is unparalleled both as a fashion icon and as an artist.

Draw your own conclusions.