The next Next Thing

I am never drawn to easy perspectives. That is for sure.

About a year ago I was reading this article about teenagers in our day and there was a girl who very unexpectedly stood out. Amidst all those who wanted to be in and trendy, and who were so eager to know what they want and were so willing to figure out who they are, she offered a hurricane of fresh air by being wonderfully unique.

This 15 year-old English teen was obsessed with the 50’s looks and lifestyle. Not only would she dress head to toe in clothes from those days but she would also do things like use expressions or eat snacks from that era. And to my greatest amusement, she really got a kick out of knitting and baking carrot cakes for her fast-foodly disgusted, FCUK’d friends.

I don’t have to mention that I basically love everyone who is passionate enough about something to be healthly obsessed by it, but this girl was special. There are no words to describe how inspiring she actually is.

In a world so demented about the next futuristic thing, drowned in all types of technology and social networks, someone who chooses to live like those in the past for fun purposes should be crowned the Queen of Western Cool.

I’ve been coming across so many statements by teens who feel bored to their bones in developed nations I wonder if they shouldn’t be giving up modern lifestyles as a whole.

Wasn’t it a blast to bake cookies all afternoon and talk for hours in front of the fire in the old days? And wouldn’t the boys have the laugh of their lives carving wooden props and the like? Isn’t it much more realistic to have that kind of fun rather than wanting to spend one’s life in Ibiza-style pedestrian enjoyment?

I am simply very tired of images at this point.


One response to “The next Next Thing

  1. Really enjoyed this post. Very interesting and insightful. This girl does sound pretty awesome, lol.

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