The Handwriting Project

Last weekend I realized something really dreadful: I cannot recognize many of my own best friends handwritings.

That was a major shock. What if they wanted to send me a proper letter, you know, by post? Wouldn’t I have that wonderful feeling of anticipation just by looking at the letters all put together in an idiosyncratic way? To my horror, I must admit I wouldn’t.

Then, researching about the downfall of handwriting and letter-sending, I came across the work of yet another admirable Finnish artist: Riitta Ikonen.

A record

In her Mail Art project, she sent around a hundred post cards to the same person from different parts of the world, always pushing the envelope (sorry about the easy pun) to see what would get delivered. I’ve chosen some of my favorites to show and share here.

Ants from Japan

Surprisingly, most cards did get delivered and the result of the experiment was turned into a book called Postcard.

Found Paper Clips

The Post has always been the most traditional form of globalization.

As for my disappointment concerning friends’ handwritings, I’ve proposed and they have accepted to begin writing letters to each other, but only with really personal and relevant content. This way we will not only share our thoughts and ideas in a private and quieter way but also learn how to know each other better through something that is quite individual.

I invite all of you to do the same.


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