Daily Archives: 12/05/2010

Finnish fashionistas

Not Paris, not London and not even New York. The ultimate place for fashion and design inspiration is Scandinavia.

Scandinavian capitals have the best-dressed inhabitants per capita in the world. Maybe it’s the love for design, maybe it’s the colder climate which makes layers so important; the fact is that people in the Nordic countries really know what to wear.

To illustrate my point, there is one site I’m very fond of as a source of style inspiration: Hel-looks.

Hel-looks is a project by Finnish wonder-brains Liisa Jokinen and Sampo Karjalainen which has been dedicated to registering the best of style in the streets of Helsinki ever since 2005.

What I like most about it is not even the pictures – although they are always interesting. It is the description people make of their dressing ways that really please me. This guy above said about his attire:

I’m wearing a second-hand tuxedo with a self-made brooch. The colour black, brooches and shoes are corner stones of my style. My school mate Riina Salmi is a smart dresser and a great designer. I also like Gareth Pugh and Viktor & Rolf. – Matti (23), on Tähtitorninkatu.

I just love the combination of do-it-yourself with vintage wear and big designers who work so well for these Finnish fashion-icons. Also, it seems that fashion is truly a crucial element (or corner stones, if you’d like) in these people’s lives.

I just love when style becomes inherent to dressing.

How motivational.