Reuse and rebirth

For academic purposes, I might spend 7 to 10 days in São Paulo in the near future. It is about time I go there again to check out what’s happening in the worlds of fun, food and the arts.

As I’ve said before, São Paulo is not about beauty, it’s about the experience. Besides, chaotic as the metropolis is, finding agreeable cityscapes is not an easy task for the untrained eye.

The surprisingly talented paulistano artist Henrique Oliveira knows how to do it:

Using wood he finds in the streets of São Paulo, Oliveira creates water-like three-dimensional art pieces which are absolutely stunning.

Recreating structures with discarded wood boards , the artist’s pieces are true eye-openers for those who choose to ignore the hidden poetry urban centers scatter around.

The use of disposed tree parts to create such fluid watery sculptures is a remarkably interesting way to raise questions about the environment and the way we use it for our own benefit.

What a beautiful way to recycle.

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