Mood vortexes

I have always felt that great art has the power to shake us into a different state of mind and/or perception.

I wasn’t going to write about anything today (I’m hung over and in a slightly day-ruining bad mood) but the sheer beauty of Mia Pearlman‘s paper sculptures dazzled me instantly, and made me want to share them here.


Simplicity in the choice of material and complexity of form are the undeniable strength that give the tone to the artist’s work.


Stunning pieces of art are one of the only things in this universe that can shut my mind up for a moment.

Have a good day.


2 responses to “Mood vortexes

  1. This is breathtaking…thank you for sharing it despite your hungover state lol

    If you have any interest, please check out some of my posts concerning my own “ideas and thoughts”

    And if you have a word of advice concerning tags…I made my blog recently and am not savvy of the intricacies involved with gettin my blog out there.

    I apologize for bombarding you in this single comment, but again this is breath taking.


    Name: Andrew Kaplan


  2. these are beautiful!

    I’m pretty sure i feel inspired right now!
    thank you.

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