Manipulating cities

The best thing about cities is their multiplicity. Such large numbers of people living side by side necessarily means that there should be different perspectives to almost everything.

Even one of the aspects most usually cited as the worst of living in metropolises – their noise – can be translated into something meaningful.

Reações visuais (Visual Reactions) is the name of an ongoing art project that investigates the possibilities of transforming random urban sounds into animated images using new forms of media.

Architect/multimedia Artist Leandro Araújo and musician Daniel Nunes (from the Lise project) have joined forces to create a combination of visual art and live music with the result of their manipulation of Brazilian city sounds.

The unpredictability of the images created using urban sounds is taken a step further by the music created by Lise during their live performances. Improvisation is a key element of the project and is also a good reminder of how random everything in cities can be.

Chaos, one of the most present elements in Brazilian cities is through this project beautifully transformed into breath-taking, moving images with the use of technology.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is my saying du jour.


4 responses to “Manipulating cities

  1. Thank you for sharing such a great art project, it is beautiful! Lovely blog.

  2. Dear Sir,

    Sorry, but I could not find your name anywhere.

    You seem to enjoy fine art that has a touch of chaos in it. I can relate. The orthodox, the typical, the mundane, they don’t interest me at all and I’m consistently surprised that so many people appreciate the same old things. Music, for example, differentiates itself into genres and categories, then repeats itself time and time again, which seems unfortunate and unnecessary.

    Musicians who attempt to create sounds and moods which cannot easily be placed into categories inspire me to try the same with my writing, and of course with my own music. I find the effort invigorating and cathartic in a way that merely performing a song well cannot approximate.

    Thanks for making this available, and keep an eye out; I love esoteric art like this.

    Yours Truly,


  3. wow. this work is brilliant. thank you for posting!

  4. Parabéns pelo projeto!
    Realmente muito bonito e algo que nos faz repensar alguns aspectos.
    A interação da população com a cidade pode e deve ser repensada!

    Um abraçø.


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